Our cultural centre provides a platform for young people to portray their culture and talents. We offer lessons in music, dance and arts - in addition we are hosting the annual Nkhotakota Music Festival.


Established in 2012, the cultural centre aims to provide life skills for disadvantaged people in Nkhotakota. It is the only cultural institution of its kind in the district. We provide a Music School for youth, a restaurant and frequently host cultural events for the citizens of Nkhotakota. Please visit this page for information about restaurant services and opening hours, as well as information about renting the summer hut.  The Music school The school offers free training for children and youth. We provide lessons and work-shops within music, dancing and arts. We aim to give young people a place to learn, have fun, be creative, explore and grow in a safe and inclusive environment. On average the Music School gathers between 80-100 kids every week to participate in dance, drama, music and art. In addition to training youth, we offer traditional drum and dance lessons as part of our income generating activities.  Read more about our offers at the Cultural Centre.
Our music school was established in 2013. It is run in cooperation with the MOVE and FK-Norway, and is partly run by volunteers from Norway 7 months of the year. The teachers are providing training within drums, guitar, key-board and Takagunda, among other instruments.  Cultural Events We aim to be a Cultural Hub for all other citizens of Nkhotakota and to promote and protect traditional Malawian music and dance. We aim to hold cultural events on a regular basis, ranging from musical events to workshops and other learning platforms for children and youth. The Cultural Center is home to Nkhotakota Music Festival – the biggest event in the Central Region of Malawi with local, national and international audiences. Connect with us on Facebook, to be updated on upcoming events and other activities at the Nkhotakota Cultural Center.  


"A society respectful of human rights, where individuals are self-reliant, free of HIV and AIDS, and effectively participating in socio- economic development"


Through our centres, activities and projects, we continue to empower young people with the skills and mindset necessary for improving their future


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