Nkhotakota Youth Organisation (NYO) was established on 27th November 1997 to respond to the needs and challenges that youth and children were facing in the district and Malawi. National Youth Council of Malawi registered the organisation in 1998 under the 1996 the Parliamentary Youth Act. Over the years, we have grown from a small organisation to a professionally run youth organisation. Some of the key happenings in our history are: 1997 – Nkhotakota Youth Organization is founded in November. 1998 – We are registered by the National Youth Council of Malawi, and we move in to our current offices.  2005 – The partnership with Flora Upper Secondary School in Norway is started.  2007 – NYO is registered as an NGO at the Registrar General.  2010 – We are registered under the Trustees Incorporation Act.  2011 – We become part of the FK Norway exchange programme, where we are exchanging professionals with Flora Upper                   Secondary School in Norway.  2011 – The vocational skills centre opens, offering training in fabrication and welding and computer skills to youth in                               Nkhotakota.  2012 – The vocational skills training is extended to also include electric installations.  2012 – The cultural centre is built and is officially opened in november. The centre has conference facilities, a restaurant etc.  2012 – The rural electrification program is initiated.  2013 – We become part of the NGO Board of Malawi.  2013 – We are certified by the Malawi Electoral Commission to conduct voter and civic education proceeding the Malawi                       tripartite elections in 2014.  2016 – The vocational skills training is extended to include carpentry and joinery and tailoring and designing.  2017 – The Career Centre is opened.  The organisation is also a member of Malawi Network of Aids Service Organizations. 


"A society respectful of human rights, where individuals are self-reliant, free of HIV and AIDS, and effectively participating in socio- economic development"


Through our centres, activities and projects, we continue to empower young people with the skills and mindset necessary for improving their future


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