FK Project

The organisation in 2012 in collaboration with Flora Upper Secondary of Norway initiated an exchange programme.  The project is entitled; Vocational and entrepreneurship skills training – a ladder to development.  The objective is to strengthen each organization as regional development partners. Goals include improving the quality of training, capacity and exchange of language and culture. The scope of exchange was expanded by bringing in Uganda Youth Skills Training Organisation (UYSTO) as a partner. A total of 8 participants participated in the exchange in 2016. 2 Malawians were went to Norway (1boy, 1 girl) and 2 to Uganda (1boy, 1girl) and also hosted two Norwegians (1male, 1 female), two Ugandans (1 male, 1 female).


"A society respectful of human rights, where individuals are self-reliant, free of HIV and AIDS, and effectively participating in socio- economic development"


Through our centres, activities and projects, we continue to empower young people with the skills and mindset necessary for improving their future


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