Building Skills for Jobs

This project will run from 2017-2021, and is supported by NORAD/The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation through DIKU – The Norwegian Agency for International Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education .  The goal is to help young adults to acquire the skills that are in demand in the labour market in developing countries, or to make it possible for them to create their own workplace. In order to achieve this, the quality of vocational skills training will be improved, entrepreneurship training will be extended, and a career centre opened in July 2017. Cooperation between NYO, companies and lending institutions will be strengthened. Our goal is for at least 50% of our students to secure jobs or self employment within six months after graduation. 


"A society respectful of human rights, where individuals are self-reliant, free of HIV and AIDS, and effectively participating in socio- economic development"


Through our centres, activities and projects, we continue to empower young people with the skills and mindset necessary for improving their future


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