Our Staff

                                Management Team

Name: Robert Mbaya Position: Executive Director  E-mail: robert[dot]mbaya[at]nkkyo[dot]com     Name: Chikondi Kapatuka Position: Financial Manager, Cultural Centre E-mail: chikondi[dot]kapatuka[at]nkkyo[dot]com Name: Dennis Kasunda Position: Finance Officer E-mail: dennis[dot]vincent[dot]kasunda[at]nkkyo[dot]com
Name: Andrew Masoakhumbira Position: Programmes and Projects Officer,  Vocational Skills Coordinator E-mail: andrew[dot]masoakhumbira[at]nkkyo[dot]com Name: Peter Mazingaliwa Position: Entrepreneurship Advisor E-mail: peterkondwani[at]yahoo[dot]com   Name: Tamanda Banda Position: Entrepreneurship Adviser E-mail: bandazototamanda[at]gmail[dot]com Name: Frida Kracht Ur Position: Cultural Centre Manager, Entrepreneurship Advisor E-mail: frida[dot]ur[at]gmail[dot]com

                        Vocational Skills Teachers

Name: Hussein Chikakuda Position: Senior Instructor in Fabrication and Welding E-mail: hussein[dot]chikakuda[at]nkkyo[dot]com Name: Christin Nanyanja Position: Tailoring Instructor  Email: nanyanjachristine777[at]gmail[dot]com   Name: Chancy Mwakilama  Position: Electrical and installation instructor E-mail: mwakilamachance[at]gmail[dot]com
Name: Babyesiza Bonny Position: Carpentry and Joinery Instructor E-mail: BonnyBabyesiza[at]3g-mail[dot]com       Name: Margret Gausi Position: ICT Teacher E-mail: gausimagie[at]yahoo[dot]com

                                  Cultural Centre 

Name: John Peter Makawa Position: Traditional Dance Instructor   Name: Nazareth Saidi Position: Music Teacher Name: Obey Samuel Position: Restaurant Chef


"A society respectful of human rights, where individuals are self-reliant, free of HIV and AIDS, and effectively participating in socio- economic development"


Through our centres, activities and projects, we continue to empower young people with the skills and mindset necessary for improving their future


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